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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Body Composition Report? 

The BCA provides visual images of the body that show locations of bone, lean mass and fat mass. The colour-coded system makes it easy to see exactly where you have fat and muscle on your body and provides a visual comparison of changes in the body over time. Detailed measurements of the torso, hips, abdomen and both arms and legs accompany the image to give a complete picture of body composition. 

How Precise is The Scan? 

The Hologic Body Composition scan can measure as small as 1% changes in muscle and 2% changes in fat. 

How Should I Prepare for The BCA Scan? 

  • Wear comfortable clothing without any metal or jewellery. 
  • Avoid clothing with zippers, snaps, fasteners, belts or an underwire. 
  •  Be normally hydrated.  
  • Do not exercise vigorously 4–6 hours before the scan. 
  • For follow up BCA scans, it is best to have them performed at the same time of day, and for women, the same day as their monthly cycle. 
  • For optimized results: avoid bladder and bowel movements before the scan and do not eat 4–6 hours before the scan.

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How Often Can I Get A BCA Scan?

The frequency of BCA scans is dependent on your circumstances, goals, and program. Work with your GP, Specialist or Dietitian to determine the best scan frequency for you. 

What isThe Radiation Dose of a BCA Scan? 

The radiation dose received during one BCA scan is equivalent to approximately one day’s worth of background radiation. Another way to think about the dose is that it is similar to what you would receive during a 1.5-hour flight (Sydney to Melbourne). The dose from a BCA scan is significantly lower than a CT scan or a standard chest X-ray.  

What is The Cost of a BCA Scan? 

Medicare does not cover BCA scans, so there is a cost associated with this service. We can advise of the cost when you make an appointment on 02 5525 3000.